Wall Street Journal Groove Shout-Out

4 October Film Festivals Movie-Lovers Should Know

wsj_online-blue-150x150WALL STREET JOURNAL gives The Groove is Not Trivial a shout-out! Mill Valley Film Festival, Calif. Oct. 6-16, 2016

The Birkenstock beau monde have been hosting A-listers and their fans at this Marin County film festival since 1978. “We’ve come a long way from artsy films [shown] in dumpy places,” said founder Mark Fishkin. This year’s lineup includes some 200 movies screened among four towns, many of which are shown in winsome Mill Valley, just north of San Francisco. You can follow viewings with live music at Mill Valley’s Sweetwater Music Hall, where much of the nightly performances will be tied to the film lineup. One headliner for example is Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser, the subject of festival film “The Groove is Not Trivial.”